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Terms of service

  1. 1 OBJECT

These general contractual conditions refer to the trade of the entrance tickets issued by WAO Sustainable Solutions s.r.l.s, either in person or on a long distance basis.

The online publication of these general contractual conditions and the confirmation of the purchase order given by WAO Sustainable Solutions S.r.l.s. to the customer are valid as confirmation of the end of the contract on a durable medium as written on art. 51, comma 3 of the Decreto Legislativo n. 206/2005 (“Codice di Consumo”).


The following definitions apply to these general conditions, bearing in mind that plural definitions will apply whenever required:

WAO: defines WAO Sustainable Solutions S.r.l.s., a simple limited responsibility society operating in the environmental sustainability and event management sector. As stated on art. 49 of the Codice di Consumo, legal details of WAO are the following:

WAO Sustainable Solutions S.r.l.s.,

legal address VIA BOEZIO 14 00193 ROMA RM (Italy);

telephone number: +39-328-3033329;

website https://www.waofestival.org

For any requests and/or claims, please contact solely our e-mail: tickets@waofestival.org

Client: the subject who buys the entrance ticket from WAO electronically (for example via website or tablet/smartphone applications) or via the WAO’s affiliate vendors.

Consumer: the client as a person who acts for non-commercial, professional or entrepreneurial purposes.

Contract: the agreement between WAO and the client for the buying and selling of the ticket. This agreement is regulated by these general contractual conditions together with all the provisions coming from each phase of the long-distance purchase, where relevant, and by the instructions printed on the purchased ticket.

Contract: the trade contract regulated by these general contractual conditions.

Ticket holder: is the person who legitimately holds a ticket purchased by the customer, in accordance with these general contractual conditions.

Event: the event, the show or the representation the ticket refers to and allows the ticket holder to access.

Festival: the event, the show or the representation the ticket refers to and allows the ticket holder to access, which includes the exhibitions of multiple artists during the same event.

The organiser or the Promoter: WAO, meant as the organising subject the ticket refers to from the moment of its printing and purchase, which states the end of the contract once done.

Entry ticket: the document, either printed or in digital format, issued by WAO which allows the ticket holder to access the event venue.

Event venue, site or location: the set of buildings and land that make up the venue of the specific event.


Pre-sale tickets are NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT RESELLABLE.

Pre-sale tickets are only TRANSFERABLE through our platform using the system available at this link: TRANSFER

The deadline for the transfer is : 13 June 2022

Transfer costs : 5 €

3.1 Each ticket holder needs to provide a valid entry ticket to access the event venue. All the regulations are applicable to clients and ticket holders as stated in relation to the single event – or applicable to the client or the event anyway.

3.2 The entry ticket needs to be purchased through the trade channels provided by WAO or a subject authorized by WAO to sell the entry tickets. The ticket holder may not be allowed by the organiser to access the event venue in case the entry ticket was purchased by the client from other sellers, which are not included in the previous descriptions. In this case, the ticket holder may also be forced to leave the event venue.

3.3 The entry ticket cannot either be sold by the client or become an object of brokerage.

3.4 The name of the ticket holder may be changed by the designated procedure until 60 (thirty) days before the date of the festival start.

3.5 WAO may cancel an entry ticket or a purchase order at any moment under request of the authorities in charge for public order and security, or due to technical and/or organizational reasons – which are not included in the point number 7 of this agreement.

3.6 With the purchase of the entry ticket, the buyer allows their email to be added to the organiser’s mailing list for commercial purposes.

3.7 The tickets are strictly individual. Tickets cannot be exchanged, re-sold, reimbursed or re-issued. If the ticket is resold or transferred for profit, non-profit or commercial gain by anyone other than the Promoter or one of its authorized sub-agents, it will become invalid and the holder may be rejected at the event entrance or expelled from the event’s site.

3.8 The price of the entry ticket is the one communicated by the organizer at the moment of the end of the client’s entry ticket purchase process. No refunds will be paid for any lower prices issued by the organizer for same-type entry tickets or regarding events on any date, after the purchase of the entry ticket by the client.

3.9 WAO will not offer any refund if the event has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the normal control or in case of "Acts of God & force majeure".

3.10 The sale of tickets is subject to the Promoter's right to modify or vary the shows and/or the event without the obligation to refund the money to the ticket holders or to change the tickets.

3.11 COVID19 Restriction Rules: The rules and restrictions relating to COVID19 are available through this link and are an integral part of this Agreement. By accepting the agreement the user also accepts the rules related to COVID19 which can be changed at any time at the discretion of the organizer even after the purchase of the ticket. By purchasing the ticket the user accepts both the existing rules at the time of purchase and future ones.


Due to security reasons, WAO has the right to apply limitations and exclusions to the payment methods for the client to purchase the entry tickets.


The entry ticket price is the one printed on the entry ticket itself, including all the pre-booking fees applied by the organizer. WAO applies service commissions to every transaction as a pay off for digital payment services offered by third parts. These commissions are due to pre-existing agreements and will be at the discretion of the organizer. Further details on commissions are explicitly highlighted in the most suitable ways in relation to the different trade channels used by WAO.

Entry ticket prices, as well as commissions, postage fees and any further price exposed on the WAO website are VAT included.


The client acknowledges that the right of termination is not applicable as stated on art. 52 of the “Codice del Consumo”, because the contract has the supply of products and services for leisure, and the organizer commits to supplying these services in a specific date or time frame.

The right of termination is applicable in referral to the long-distance trade of goods other than the entry ticket, on the condition that these goods are included in the categories for which the right of termination is applicable as stated in art. 59 of the “Codice di Consumo”. In this case, the termination can be claimed within 14 days after the order who will need to explicitly communicate their decision of terminating the contract by emailing tickets@waoferstival.org .


7.1 WAO will communicate their decision on substitution of the entry ticket related to the event in case of postponement or cancellation.

7.2 WAO will not offer any refund if the event has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the normal control or in case of "Acts of God & Force Majeure".

7.3 In case the event is meant to be a festival, the list of the artists appearing on the WAO website is approximative. The cancellation of one or more artist performances or their substitution will not be considered as a cancellation of the event – apart from the case of cancellation of the entire event inclusive of all performances and services by the organizer.

7.4 In any case, WAO will not replace the entry ticket in case it would be lost, damaged, destroyed, stolen or even just damaged to the point it will be impossible to read when shown by the client.

7.5 Acts of God & Force Majeure: In case of circumstances beyond normal control, such as war, civil or political unrest, actions and orders of the authorities, strikes, catastrophes, epidemics, pandemics, communicable disease or other serious damage or unforeseen factors, the Promoter may cancel the Festival, and the amounts received will not be refunded.


In case of electronic purchase, the client needs to print the entry ticket on their own. The printed ticket will need to match the specifications as requested on www.waofestival.org


Apart from the cases of fraud and gross negligence, WAO does not take any responsibility for expenses and damages to the client, either direct or indirect and of any nature, when related to the purchase of the entry tickets. Furthermore, WAO reserves the right to withdraw, edit, suspend or cancel any function or service related to the trade of entry ticket whenever necessary for technical and/or organizational reasons, apart from references to specific ended transactions with a client.


Entry tickets cannot be used for political, commercial or promotional reasons, including challenges and lotteries, without a previous written authorization by the organizer and/or WAO, when authorized by the organizer.

The client who will use their entry ticket violating this regulation will be responsible for the damages determined by their own behaviour and may be legally persecuted.

10.1 Entrance to minors will be denied without the presence of at least one parent.

10.2 The introduction of food and beverages into the festival area is forbidden without an explicit authorization by the organizer.

10.3 Pets and animals are banned from the festival area without an explicit authorization by the organizer.

  1. 11 GENERAL

11.1 Even in case any of these general contractual conditions may be inapplicable, the others will keep being applicable.

11.2 The contract is subject to the Italian laws. The parties agree that the application of the Convention of the United Nations on international trade contracts adopted in Vienna on 11th April 1980 is expressly excluded. The client’s local court will be in charge of decisions on any controversy rising or related to the contract and the general contractual conditions. In all the other cases, the court of Velletri will be in charge.

11.3 These general contractual conditions, all the prescriptions designed during the phases of the long-distance transactions (where applicable) and the instructions on the entry ticket make up the entire contractual agreement between the client and WAO.


Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679, we inform you that the data acquired for the purposes of providing the access pass to the events are processed by Wao Sustainable Solution srls (Data Controller). The data provided will be processed for the purposes of providing the requested service (in particular, they will be collected, verified and stored in accordance with the procedures provided for in the Internal Rules of WAO and by the Register of Treatments), as well as for the purposes of security, supervision and promotion. The treatment is performed with paper and/or computer tools in compliance with current legislation and with the observance of all precautionary measures that ensure the relative confidentiality and security. The person employed by the company and/or collaborator specifically appointed as responsible and/or in charge of processing may become aware of your personal data. They may also come to know of your personal data any persons to whom the Owner should entrust outsourcing activities specifically appointed external managers and / or persons in charge of processing in the manner provided by the Privacy Policy adopted by the company and the GDPR. Furthermore, your personal data may be communicated to public and judicial authorities. The current regulations recognize the following rights: right of access to your personal data, right of rectification, integration or deletion of the same, right to portability of data to third party data controller, right to limitation of processing, right to lodge a complaint to the Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data by (i) registered letter with return receipt addressed to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, Piazza di Monte Citorio, 121 00186 Rome; (ii) e-mail: garante@gpdp.it, or protocollo@pec.gpdp.it and (iii) fax: 06/69677.3785.


13.1 As a rule, outdoor performances in the Festival will be held even in case of rain or bad weather.

13.2 If the performance of the scheduled shows prove to be risky for the safety of people or property, due to adverse weather conditions, WAO may, at its sole discretion, interrupt the execution.

13.3 In case of interruption of the event for reasons due to possible and serious weather conditions, there is no refund of the ticket price or any other form of indemnity/compensation.


14.1 All rights of image and intellectual property deriving, directly or indirectly, from artistic performances or any other type of performance that takes place at the time of celebration of the Festival remain reserved.

14.2 The ticket or wristband that allows entry to the Festival, allows and authorizes expressly and unequivocally that the image and voice of the customer/participant can be imprinted on recording media and/or photographs during the celebration of the Festival and that, later, may be disseminated by WAO or third parties authorized, by any means of communication for the promotional and / or commercial dissemination of the Festival.

14.3 In the case of minors, the acquisition of the ticket or the access of accompanied minors, together with the prior authorization of the parents, presuppose, for the legal managers, the authorization to the recording and diffusion of the image and the voice of the minors, as specified in the previous paragraph.

The Italian version will be considered prevalent in case of conflict between these general contractual conditions as published in Italian and the relative text published by WAO in English language, as well as in case of conflict between the Italian and English versions of any other contractual content.

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